I Can See Clearly Now

A book by Cameron Algie

Why is this book SPECIAL

It is a comprehensive discussion on all aspects of vision loss.

There is no other book of its kind  providing such a resource for people and their families going through vision loss.

It contains humour and gives a real sense of understanding with stories by other vision impaired writers.

It dispels falsehoods and misunderstandings usually associated with blindness.

It is a superb guide for families and friends giving them an understanding on how they can assist. 


What is covered in this book

The book discusses in detail, vision loss and education, employment, schooling and parenting.

How totally blind people become high achievers e.g. doctors, professors, scientists, writers engineers? 

Hundreds of practical tips for remaining independent in the home and getting out and about. 

Using public transport, interstate, and overseas travel

Why is blindness so feared – understanding psychology of vision loss.

What does blindness and sight really mean?

What technology works best for you

Common misunderstandings which don’t help.

What disempowers us, it’s not just vision loss, but the attitudes of others.

Guide dogs vs canes  – what’s best?

Getting out safely in the community.

What are the most common eye diseases and their impact?

Coping with vision loss – fears, anxieties, depression, and problem solving.

How to use remaining sight effectively.