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Everyone with vision loss must read this book.

This is also a wonderful guide for families and friends on understanding how to help those with vision loss. The book dispels falsehoods and misunderstandings usually associated with blindness. It contains humour and a real sense of understanding based on many case notes and stories by other vision impaired writers.

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Cam’s book is receiving fabulous reviews and orders are being received from Europe and USA as well as Australia and New Zealand

‘You have provided a platform and voice to many people you have supported in order to educate us on how best to provide appropriate and knowledgeable inclusive practices.’  

Kim Foley, Assistant Principal / Manager, Statewide Vision Resource Centre, Department of Education and Training

‘What a stunning, important, and easy to read book. Itexplores the emotional as well as the practical side of managing life with vision loss, through true stories and golden nuggets of information.

Every single person would benefit from its wisdom, tips, insights, honesty, and positivity.’

Tracie Wilson PLV Quality Living Coordinator, Vision Australia


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Cameron Algie - Author
Photo of Cameron Algie- author

Author – Cameron Algie AM

Cameron lives with vision loss and understands the issues faced by individuals and families. He has written this guide to help those coming to terms with life changing decisions.

This book is the result of Cameron’s own experience over 65 years. Previously, he has won prizes for his short stories and poetry works along with other Highly Commended awards.

Hear Cameron discuss his book on Vision Australia Radio

What others say about this book

‘Cameron has written an extraordinary book on vision loss in all its aspects. His clear and cogent style will assist those with vision loss, and of equal importance spouses, partners, children and friends.’
Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum AO
Sydney University
This should be available for everyone to read. An extensive overview into the world of vision loss. From attitudes surrounding vision loss to the personal, social and societal impacts.’
Courtney McKee Psychologist
Manager Children and Young People Queensland, Vision Australia
This book would be a valuable resource for people currently experiencing vision loss, family members, friends, colleagues and professionals working in the field.
Gary Stinchcombe, BA (Social Sciences)
La Trobe University. Dip. Ed. Monash. Former Deputy Head of The Burwood School For The Blind.
Cameron has done a great job capturing the challenges of vision loss and drawing out the many influences that can impact on the road to acceptance and independence.
Geoff Bransbury BA
Vice President NHW 3193
I loved this book. I am sure it will be a wonderful guide and help for anyone.’ ‘This book is full of great stories from people who dealt with this news and took on the challenges of their fading sight with great courage. What I found particularly exciting was how much can be done technically these days for the blind especially with apps for Computers and iPhone. In summary this is a wonderful book I can recommend it to anyone with deteriorating vision and their partners and friends.
Dr Tim Hannah OAM MB BS BSc
Formerly with Medicine Sans Frontier